Website Monetization: Affiliate Ad Networks, Paywalls and Donations

If you are looking to make money from your website, you should consider at least one of these three monetization models: affiliate ad networks, paywalls, or donations. Each model has its upsides and downsides, and knowing which one to use depends on the sort of content your website produces.

Paywalls work by forcing a user to pay to access your website. As far as website monetization goes, this technique is the most straightforward. It’s easy to explain and easy to understand.

However, its bluntness and simplicity doesn’t work for every website. What’s more, a hard paywall — where the user can’t even get past the landing page without paying — only works in certain circumstances.

The Times and the Wall Street Journal have both survived behind hard paywalls, but these are huge international newspapers. People are willing to pay for their insight into the news because they know, due to each paper’s respective reputation, that they can’t get this analysis anywhere else.

Soft paywalls work by allowing users a little peek behind the paywall before having to pay. Sometimes, this comes in the form of a handful of free articles, whilst at other times it comes in the form of a free trial. However websites choose to do it, the aim is to turn those trials into paying subscribers.

Best Paywall? Netflix

The rise, fall, and rise again of Netflix is a fascinating story and the business is not credited enough for it. What started off as a somewhat successful film-by-mail service started to move online when it saw the trend approaching.

Not everyone agreed with Netflix’s move, though, with some journalists mocking the decision at the time. David Pogue had this to say about it:

When the pundits tell you that the death of the DVD is imminent, that we’ll soon get all our movies instantaneously from the Internet, some skepticism is in order.”

Just over ten years later, that comment remains a fascinating time capsule of the doubt surrounding Netflix’s venture into this new market. A decade on, Netflix’s profits have soared and it’s all down to its paywall monetization model.

By hiding exclusive content behind a paywall, such as House of Cards and the many other films and TV shows Netflix hosts and distributes, it makes sure that an equivalent product cannot be found anywhere else.

As well as this, Netflix also uses a soft paywall in the form of a free trial to let people see what they’re missing without it. Data shows that, after a Netflix free trial, one in every three people stay on afterwards.

Voluntary Subscriptions and Donations

Rather than force your users to pay, why not just ask them nicely? Allow them to use as much of your content as they want for free and let them pay if they feel like it. If they don’t, that’s okay. The people who do pay help to fund the content for those who can’t afford to right now.

It sounds crazy, right? It sounds like the kind of wishful thinking that only a child could imagine would work. Yet, it’s really, really not. It’s the driving idea behind the Guardian’s monetization model, as well as the legions of internet creators who use Patreon to fund their various projects.

Best Donation Model? Wikipedia

By far the best example of a donation model working — and working extremely well — comes from the oldest player in this particular game: Wikipedia. Not only has Wikipedia survived under the donation model, it has become the 13th biggest website in the world, according to SimilarWeb, and raises more money with each fundraiser.

Wikipedia has been doing this successfully for a long time as well. The website launched in January 2001 and, by July, it already had 6,000 articles — despite looking like this. By mid-2010, it looked more or less as it does today and had over three million articles in English and millions of others in hundreds of other languages. Today, Wikipedia has over 40 million articles in 293 languages, according to its own data.

Affiliate Ad Networks

Affiliate ad networks work by introducing advertisers to website owners, so that neither party has to do the unwanted legwork. It’s because of this legwork that affiliate ad networks are vital to online marketing and website monetization.

For advertisers, affiliate ad networks use vast amounts of data to place the right advert on the right website at the right time so that it can target the right person. The success of affiliate ad networks is evident in the faith some of the biggest brands in the world place in them.

Even luxury brands such as Agent Provocateur, Barneys New York, Burberry, and Liberty London — once seen as beyond the marketing methods of mass appeal brands — use affiliate marketing to get their message out online.

For website owners, affiliate ad networks are great because they allow people to start making money right away. After you’ve signed up to the network and inputted the code into your website, you can start earning revenue on the ads placed on your website. The best affiliate marketing networks can guarantee you the best quality of ads.

Best Affiliate Ad Network? Adsterra

Offering payments in Bitcoin as well as a range of other methods, Adsterra is the best affiliate ad network out there because of the range of data it uses to deliver the best possible service for both advertisers and website owners. It can guarantee safe ads placed in the correct geo locations. It’s even able to use data such as which smartphone someone is using when they access your website.

All of this culminates in high-quality ads with high click-through rates. That’s good for advertisers, but it’s also good for website owners and users, too. Adsterra became the affiliate ad network with 10 billion ad impressions a month by understanding that the relationship between advertising and business works best when it works for everyone.


4 Options to getting out of debt instead of going bankrupt

If you are under heavy debt and are seriously considering declaring bankruptcy to just end it all and call it quits, then you are surely going to regret it. Before you jump the gun, let me just tell you that there are many alternatives to declaring bankruptcy. In fact, if you just exert enough effort and time, then you will surely find the perfect alternative to handling your debt instead of going bankrupt. Furthermore, declaring bankruptcy is not just a poor solution to your debt, its consequences can affect your life in the future as well. You see, bankruptcy will forever show on your records and no matter where you go, people will always know that you once quit and walked out of a big challenge. And this will surely affect your livelihood should you pursue employment or start a new business. Fortunately though, as said above, there are many alternatives in getting out of huge debt instead of going bankrupt, below are 4 of them.


  1. Negotiate with your Creditors – Debt Restructure

First of all, when declaring bankruptcy, the bank or the government takes over all of your assets and administers the sale of them and the subsequent payment to your various unsecured and secured creditors. While this rids you the hassle and the heartache of dividing what is left of you to your creditors, it is actually a disadvantageous situation for your creditors. In most bankruptcy cases, the creditors get less of what they expect from you even if they know that you are suffering financially.

From this fact alone, we can learn that creditors will be always open to discussion and negotiation about your debt especially if you are on the brink of declaring bankruptcy. Therefore, approach your creditors and sit down with them to discuss if you can restructure the terms of your debt. You can ask for a grace period or lowered interest rates or principal amount. Whatever it is, creditors will always agree to the situation where they can get more. And a bankrupt debtor will always have less for the creditors.


  1. IVA Help and Advice

You can also opt for IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement instead of bankruptcy. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is an agreement or contract between you and your creditors, which is administered and supervised by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner which gives you the chance to pay your creditors at an agreed monthly payment which is reasonable to you. The contract usually lasts for five years, and upon its end, the remaining balance and interests are formally waived off. IVA contracts are legally binding, thus, upon entering the agreement, the creditors won’t be able to act against you. If you are interested, then quickly search for the nearest IVA Help & Advice company. The faster you act, the better agreement you can get.


  1. Debt Consolidation

Another alternative that is better than declaring bankruptcy is by actually incurring another debt. Though it may sound scary, consolidating all of your debts into one loan might just be the best solution for you. Not only will you be able to pass all of your debts to a single entity, you will also have lesser worries as you will only deal with a single creditor instead of the many creditors you have.

If you want to consolidate all of your debts into one loan, then government affiliated banks are the best for you as they can sometimes have programs that can help improve your financial situation.


  1. Sell your Unsecured Assets

If you still have many unsecured assets, then it might also be a better choice to sell them yourselves and divide them among the unsecured creditors. By doing the sale yourself, you are giving yourself the chance of possibly earning more from the sale of the assets. Who knows? You might just solve your debt crisis from amazing sales and prevent declaring bankruptcy.

Collaborative Content

3 Reasons Why Accounting For Business Is Imperative To Success

Business requires your utmost attention at all times. If you dilly-dally with your business operations, someone, somewhere will take your share of the profits and hang you out to dry. Preparing financial statements for any business is imperative to success. Without proper accounting, it would be impossible to identify the financial standing of a business organization. In order to assure and convince the shareholders, investors, and creditors etc. about the business´s glowing progress, it is essential to prepare financial statements as evidence. Here are 3 reasons why it is of paramount importance for a business organization to focus on accounting!

  1. Accounting helps identify costly mistakes

If the business prepares financial reports and statements on a regular basis, you will be able to identify costly mistakes and detect fraud, theft and illegal activities. It is easy for an accountant to identify illegal activities through discrepancies in the numbers. Hence, companies pay through the nose to hire capable accounting firms identify if anyone has tampered with the business or if there is an error in the financial statements. In recent years, investment banks have committed many accounting misdeeds in a bid to cover huge trading losses. And, a lack of attention to the financial statements and reporting system allowed the banks to hide these losses. Therefore, regulators these days keep a keen eye on the internal accounting methods of these banks. Hence, if you don’t want to be in hot water, it is in your best interest to prepare financial reports frequently.  

  1. Accounting helps you make payments on time and prepares you for tax time

It is necessary to prepare financial reports so that your customers pay you on time. In addition to that, accounting also helps you make payments to the vendors on time. If the reports are updated on a regular basis, you will be able to manage your inventory properly, pay salaries to your employees and give dividends to the shareholders on time. The financial reports will also help you know how much interest has to be paid on the loan you took to run your business. And, if you are looking for ways to reduce your tax burden, you will require accurate financial numbers. If you don’t have the required information, your business will suffer and the resources will be depleted long before you realize what’s happening.  

  1. Accounting helps you make better decisions

Financial statements are necessary for identifying the financial standing of a business organization. It is necessary to prepare them because it lets us know if we have enough money to reinvest in the business. They tell us if our business is performing well or underperforming, allowing us to monitor the progress of the business and also helping us identify opportunities for growth. And, if ever a day comes where you might have to sell your business, you will be asked to provide a historical record (financial statements) of the overall success of your business.