4 Things You Should Know About Statutory Declaration

A lot of people are always convicted of offences in courts of law or suffer losses that they would have otherwise abated if they knew how statutory declarations could play to their advantage. So, what is a statutory declaration? A statutory declaration is a statement made to prove the existence of a fact or facts. It is a formal statement made to affirm that a given fact is true to the best knowledge of the person making the pronouncement. Below are things you should have at your fingertips regarding statutory declarations.


  • A statutory declaration can be made by anyone who needs to prove the truthfulness of a fact or facts


Anyone in need of demonstrating the truthfulness of any given specifications has the right to make a statutory declaration. A few examples where the legal document can play handy include; when a person wants to change his or her names and adopt new legally recognized names; when a person did not receive a notice of his or her driving penalties that accumulated over time as a result of failure to address the stated charges; financial institutions wishing to transfer money to person(s) legally entitled to deal with the estates of a dead person; and persons or parties willing to declare the originality of their items as part of a patent application.


  • It must be witnessed by either a Solicitor, Justice of Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, or Notary Public


When making a statutory declaration, it must be witnessed by either a Solicitor, Justice of Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, or Notary Public. Though not a mandatory requirement, either of the above parties may ask you to make the pronouncements holding a religious text such as a Bible or Quran.  Being a legal document recognized in the court of law, you should be careful to ensure that the party you chose to witness your statutory declaration includes details highlighting the protocols used in ascertaining the stated facts to make your arguments impartial.


  • Statutory declarations are used to satisfy a legal requirement or regulation when no any other pieces of evidence are available


Statutory declarations are not usually used in court cases. However, they serve as the best option when there are no any other pieces of evidence available for a given tribunal. Despite how rare they might be in court cases, they can still be used to satisfy a legal requirement in a tribunal in the event that there are no any other pieces of evidence available. To back them up, statutory declarations must be completely truthful and verifiable to ensure that they remain valid on impartial grounds.


  •  You can include annexures in your statutory declarations


Finally, if you want to include documents supporting your pronouncements, you can go ahead and attach them as annexures on your statutory declaration. It is advisable that you provide a brief description of the annexures you will be attaching in text; in fact, it should be clearly stated that it forms part of the statutory declaration compilation. You could even go ahead and independently identify them by index letters such as ‘A’. ‘B’, and ‘C’. Remember, a statutory declaration can always be your way out of a tribunal.


Planning A Wedding On A Budget


Steve and I have been engaged for five years now, six years in September this year – and seem to be no closer to getting married. Unfortunately wedding funds have had to be used elsewhere so a wedding has been down the list of priorities. But we don’t want that to always be the case. This means having our wedding – but on a strict budget. The bulk of our money will be going on the venue – to get an idea of what kind of venue we are looking for, click here.

With the venue taking up the majority of the budget, everything else will have to be done a little more cheaply. I will be heading to a local wedding dress shop where I know the proprietor in order to get mine – I’ll get a discount there compared to other places. We have a friend who makes rings so we’d definitely consider asking him to make our wedding rings.

It is extremely possible to do a wedding on a budget – it just requires some planning. It is also about who you know too – I have photographer friends, hairdresser friends, make up artist friends. I’d much rather hire them and feel comfortable -and get a small discount on their services. If you all knuckle down, you can make the invites yourself and when it comes to food and drink on the day, there are ways of getting that cheaper too. Some venues require you to use their catering facilities and staff but this isn’t always the case – make sure you look into it.

My friends did their whole wedding on a budget of less than two thousand pounds – and they financed it by selling all the old stuff they no longer needed. They had so much stuff they were literally selling it for pennies but it all added up in the end and they had the most beautiful wedding and reception – a great day was had by all.

We’re knuckling down to start saving – we are going through the house and selling things we don’t need – and I can’t wait to see the pot building up and up. I still want to keep to a budget though – no extravagant weddings for us, oh no!

I’ve been getting a lot of my wedding ideas from sites like Confetti – you can read more from that site if you click here. They really do cover all bases when it comes to weddings from favour ideas to great venues to advice in certain wedding situations. I find it really helps me to stop from becoming a total Bridezilla – it keeps me level headed and grounded to read articles and posts from other women also planning their perfect wedding or those who have already been through theirs and letting us know how they got on.

Who knows when we will finally get married – but at least we have finally put some plans into action – that’s more than can be said for the past five years, isn’t it? Who we will invite, what food we will have, that is all yet to be decided – I can’t wait to see where the journey will take us.

Dating On A Budget – Why You Should Try Dating Locally


Dating can be expensive – we all know that. But it doesn’t have to be. So much money is spent on dating nowadays from the outfits and the makeup to the date itself. But what expenses people forget to tell you about are the travel to and from the date, the potential hotel stays. We’ve all heard the stories of people who have met The One on an online dating site only to find out that one of them lives at one end of the country and the other lives at the other end.

It is important to keep to your budget if you are strapped for cash and we have one simple idea for how you can date on a budget – date locally.

If you use your local dating sites (such as the Strathclyde dating site if you’re living in Strathclyde), then you have a much better chance of keeping to a budget. You don’t need to stay at a hotel in order to meet someone, you know the most affordable places to eat or drink without looking too cheap and you both know the free stuff you can also do to make your date fun – we all have local parks and sights, after all.

Perhaps you are from Northern Ireland and looking to date Belfast singles – you would surely use a Belfast site to find local men and women who may be interested in you. You may be in Fife in Scotland and want to date Fife singles – why would you be looking at southern England for dates?

If you’re in the Midlands, there are plenty of single women in Birmingham looking for someone – don’t go searching further afield!

Dating locally is not only much better for the wallet but it can also be so much more fun. How many of us have gone on rubbish dates where it wasn’t actually your dates fault but the venue or location? With both of you living locally, you know what places are the dives and which places are much better to visit. You don’t want to be wasting your hard earned money in a place that isn’t going to appreciate you and that will tarnish your date. Knowing the area really helps to minimise the chances of this.

Whether you are looking for love or a little bit of naughty dating, using your online dating sites will surely help you find the right kind of people that you are looking for. You will find people who know what you know, who like what you like, who understand the area just like you do.

If you are keeping to a budget, why not try dating locally instead? Give up on the national dating and meeting guys or girls from across the country and find people who live close by who don’t require a ton in travel expenses in order to see them! This will definitely help lighten the load on your purse strings without you compromising on having fun when dating.