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Hello! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still suffering technological problems but finally have my mojo back so hopefully you will be seeing much more from me over on this blog! To come back with a bang, I have a competition for you all. How about winning a Fabyouless card? If you like beauty, this is the card for you.

It probably comes as no surprise to you but my other blog Futures actually started out as a beauty blog so I do love my beauty products. I also love saving money so if I can do both at once, who am I to complain?

Fabyouless, if you haven’t yet heard of it, is the fastest growing savings card on the market focusing solely on beauty, hair and fitness. Able to use nationwide, this savings card enables you to get discounts on a variety of treatments! At £49.95 for the card, it is an expense at first but the money you save is more than worth it!

I’ve already used mine for a few things and found it to be great – if I am going to be buying it anyway, why not save myself some money in the process?


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So if you want to get your hands on a fantastic savings card, why not enter above? Good luck! T&C’s can be found in the Rafflecopter above.

Zopa: Ten Years On

If you haven’t heard of Zopa yet, what rock have you been living under? Zopa are at the forefront of lending, the frontrunners in peer to peer lending and lauded by both borrowers and lenders alike. Zopa loans are different to bank loans in the sense that you as a borrower actually borrow from someone else rather than bricks and mortar. This often means that someone who is struggling to get a bank loan may be able to get one with Zopa or it may mean that those who will struggle with the interest on a bank loan can borrow off someone who will potentially make the interest a little less. It is entirely up to the lender.

Zopa has now been running since 2005 which means it is approaching its 10th birthday. So much has changed worldwide and nationwide over those years – iPhones, One Direction, the Royal Wedding and the London Olympics are just some of the things that have happened in that short amount of time, as shown in the video below.

The face of lending has changed entirely over those years. With the help of Zopa, plenty more people have been getting out of debt, people have been able to get married and others have been able to make improvements to their home.

I love the idea of Zopa. There are no big corporations breathing down your neck, just another person much like you and I.   It works really well for both lender and borrower as they can work out exactly what can be borrowed, what interest can be paid and the time frame. The borrower gets the money they really need and the lender makes a little money on what they’ve lent out through the interest – a win/win situation and no horrible bank charges and absolutely extortionate interest to fork out for.

If Zopa and the world around it has come so far in the past ten years, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next ten – it can only be great things to come!

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Are Mobile Payments The Future?

It wasn’t until recently that I had the chance to make my first mobile payment. I was at a local children’s festival and wanted to purchase something – they showed me something I had never seen before and I paid via the owner of the stalls mobile phone. Since then I have seen a variety of ways to make mobile payments and it both amazes me and intrigues me.

As a freelancer, these new ways of mobile payment could come in really handy. This video from Visa shows how innovative they are and how mobile payments could shape our future. I found it really interesting as Visa are obviously dedicated to helping both businesses and consumers whilst moving along with the advances in technology. Even five years ago I couldn’t have imagined that we would have come this far and technology would be able to be used in this way – its astounding!

I’m definitely looking into allowing mobile payments in the future. I mostly work remotely but am starting to branch out into working locally which will mean much more face to face interaction with clients. Payment would be so much easier if it was all taken care of there and then during the meetings.

Visa are the name everyone thinks of when we talk about paying for things. The name will crop up in conversation, nearly everyone has Visa – whether they have a debit card or credit card. It is no surprise that they are making sure they are at the forefront of the innovations in mobile payments and I’m interested to see where this could lead to.

I feel mobile payments offer an exciting prospect for those with small businesses and possibly even sole traders. Mobile payments mean they can allow their items to be purchased wherever they are. Whether that is in the middle of a field at a festival or on a business trip abroad with a client, this can only mean good things for both businesses and consumers. What do you think?


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