Vouchers: Do You Use Them?

Vouchers, coupons – whatever you want to call them, do you use them? Whether you use physical paper copies or stack codes online, there are vouchers or voucher codes out there for pretty much everything!

I am signed up to all the major supermarket loyalty cards and regularly use their coupons to save money on my shopping. I am currently saving up my points on these cards for Christmas but will still often use their vouchers if I can get more points to add to my balance!

I ask this because although I use coupons, I was shocked to find out the mega savings some people can get. We all know how much people in the US can save with coupons as we see it on shows such as Extreme Couponing. But in the UK, it is quite a rarity.

We recently visited our static caravan down in Camber Sands and we met a young mum who had managed to spend just £80 on her holiday at the park for her family of five. Her family were in the best range of caravan which would normally cost anywhere between £400-£600 a week.

How did she do out? Voucher code stacking. By scouring the web for the best deals, she was able to secure an awesome but cheap holiday for her family, saving over £300 in the process. An awesome saving, I am sure you will agree.

Vouchers – do you use them? I certainly do – and after a success story like that, I will continue to do so too!