How giffgaff transformed the telecom industry in the UK

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As someone who is keen on saving money and making money, I am always looking for businesses that help to make that a possibility. A business I always run across is giffgaff. Whenever I see posts on forums or social media about people reducing their phone plans, giffgaff is the brand mentioned. They offer services that people need, at affordable prices.

They are often people’s number one choice for cheap SIM only deals or pay as you go phones. They are popular with moneysaving forums and individuals alike.

It is easy to say that they have transformed the telecom industry but how exactly have they done this? They recently put together an infographic, telling us why. You can see it below but it is also linked here.

It is amazing that they have been nominated by Which? Recommended provider for the seventh consecutive year! I also think it is pretty amazing that £700k has been donated to various charities since 2010!

When I leave my current provider, this is definitely a brand I am considering. They don’t have customers – they are called members and they help to run the forums, inspire the community and spread the word about the brand. The company also give back to members who help run parts of the business – twice a year they are rewarded via ‘Payback’ which allows them to convert the ‘kudos’ they’ve earned into call credit, cash or a charity donation.

Are you on giffgaff?

When All You Seem To Do Is Spend Spend Spend

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Eurgh, now isn’t this something we have to come to terms with in adult life. As much as we tell ourselves, ‘this month I will hardly spend a penny!!’, we always seem to. There’s just so many temptations around us, and so many things that we actually have to spend money on, that it’s just impossible to escape. Even if you ignore all of the temptations, you’ve still got the battle with bills and daily living expenses, and there seems to be no getting away from that. So what can you do, when all you seem to be doing is spending and ruining your life? Well there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the cost of the things you absolutely have to spend your money on. As for the things that you don’t, well that is up to you to curb your spending, and think about the money you want in the bank, rather than the things around you! So keep on reading, and let us help you reduce the spending that you have to do, on the things we need in our lives the most!

Spending On The Home

Spending on your home is up there with some of the biggest spending you’re going to do, and boy can it make life hard. Your home will no doubt drain your money more than you would like it to, yet you could be the one that’s making it that way. Bad habits around the home is the top reason for bills and other expenses being too high. So take your water and electric, which we know will be the highest for most people. If yours is super high, think about how you use it. Are you using energy saving light bulbs? Are you having short showers? Are you using the tumble dryer every single day? Are you and all of your family spending the evening cooking different meals? When you start to add all of the things up that you might be doing wrong, you soon realise why your bills are so high!

Steve Johnson

Spending On The Car

A car is something that you just can’t live without, so it’s so important that when you are spending on it, that you’re spending right. By this, we mean that you aren’t being ripped off for things like repairs, making the whole thing more expensive. BMW spares, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo… they can all be found so much cheaper online, you just have to spend the time to try and find the right one! Always try and maintain your car daily to keep it in perfect condition, and the amount of spares you have to buy will just go down and down!

Spending On Family

Spending on your family is again, something you can’t go without. Things like food shopping clothes etc. are all something you have to do. So for the food shop, why not shop at one of the many discounted stores like Aldi, that could save you an absolute fortune. As for the clothes that they’re no doubt growing out of at an alarming rate, try Ebay!

Surprisingly Easy Ways To Avoid Car-Buyers Remorse

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After buying a home, purchasing a car is the next significant financial milestone for most people. Not only are most cars expensive to buy, but they are costly to run as well, so if you’re on the lookout for a new motor, you need to make wise and savvy financial choices. You might experience car buyers remorse if you don’t, and not only will you feel the emotional strain, but your bank balance will feel the pressure too!

Here then are our tips on how to make sensible decisions when buying your next car.

#1: Don’t buy on impulse

It’s a scenario common to many of our spending decisions. We see something we want, momentarily weigh up our options, and then say ‘what the heck’ and go through with the purchase regardless of our financial situation. Tell us you have never done the same! However, while a sneaky chocolate muffin at the bakery won’t bankrupt you if you’re tempted, the same isn’t true of a car. So, don’t be dazzled by the first car you see and don’t fall prey to the salesman’s patter. Before you know it, you will be driving off the lot in a brand new motor but significantly poorer than you were before. Curb your temptation then, and if you see a car you like, shop around for similar models online and around town, as you may well get a cheaper price elsewhere. And if you know you don’t have the funds, either buy something cheaper, or start saving your money with cutbacks or a side-hustle, and wait until the car comes down in price. Playing the waiting game will also give you the opportunity to step back and get a better perspective on your finances before making an unwise spending decision.

#2: Be careful when buying add-ons at the dealership

In an effort to get you to part with your cash, the dealer might sway you with all kinds of add-ons. While some of these will be useful, such as any added safety feature, there will be other attachments, such as heated seating and tinted windows, that are nice to have but not really necessary. And even for those items that might be considered essential, such as these winter-proofed Land Rover tyres, you should get into the price comparison mindset and shop around. Especially when buying on finance, your monthly cost will skyrocket if you buy too many add-ons, so think carefully before agreeing to any extras. You will suffer less remorse if you do, as you won’t drive home with an add-on that is either a) utterly pointless to your needs, and b) way more expensive than those that are better-priced elsewhere.

A. L.
#3: Take more than one test drive

Sure, the dealer might huff and puff if you insist on taking more than one test drive, but remember, it is your money you are spending. The longer you spend in the car, the better the impression you will get of the vehicle. You see, there may be hidden problems or unwanted quirks that you might not pick up on when taking the car out for the first test drive. And if you were alone the first time around, you might want to bring along a more experienced driver on your second test drive, as they might pick up on things that you didn’t notice. There are some useful test drive tips here, so have a read, and then factor them in the next time you’re on the lookout for a car. Otherwise, you might spend your money, take your car off the lot, and then regret it when those hidden problems start to surface.


When buying a car, you don’t want to part with your cash in a hurry. Follow our suggestions, and look for other ways to educate yourself to ensure you don’t end up with car buyer’s remorse. And if you have any tips of your own to share with our readers, be sure to let us know. Many of us enjoy driving, but you will enjoy being on the roads more knowing that we have made wise spending decisions.