What Do We Want To Achieve?

People often ask us what we want to achieve in life. Is it money, love, fame? Well – it is super easy for me. Freedom for debt and financial security, a loving family and our very own home. Not much to ask, right?

The problem is when it comes to lean months like we’ve been having recently. It means these dreams seem so far off and like they will never become a reality. I find myself stressing over our situation again, something I’ve been quite happily doing without for a few months now.

Is it so bad to want it all and to want it now? Of course I know that isn’t achievable but having the dream and the faith that eventually it will come true for me has to count for something, I hope.

One day I will be sitting in my very own family home, free from debt and knowing I have financial security. I’ve just got to believe in us as a family being able to achieve it.

Wish me luck!

Going The Wrong Way

I’ve mentioned before that we are drastically trying to cut down our debts and increase our income. For some reason, life has been plotting against us and for the past few months, we have been going the wrong way.

Outgoings seem to have increased and incomings decreased plus with Jack being at home over the summer = disaster. We are looking into other options so we can get on the right track again.

So what are we considering?

– Myself going back to work again. I’ve always been happy to be out of retail but if needs must through some lean months, I will have to.

– Push myself more. I could probably get more contracts if I pushed myself more and really believed in myself. This is something I need to work on.

Steve take on more overtime. He has already arranged quite a bit for this month, we shall see if this continues over the next few months.

-Work on decreasing any unnecessary expenditure. If that means keeping a money diary, so be it. I don’t want to have made all this progress for it all to get undone.

What would you suggest?

July Moneymaking Challenge | The Results

Yet again I took part in a moneymaking challenge. You probably think I am crazy after taking part in the 6 week challenge (see how I did here). However, Emma was going for her biggest challenge yet and motivated me to join in with her on TMS.

I aimed for a target of £500 – so how did I do? Simply put, I smashed it in July. I went over £500 by the 13th of July so I was encouraged to raise my aim to £1000. Could I beat it by the end of the month?


I managed to make a grand total of £1140.06 in the July moneymaking challenge which I am really chuffed with. This is from a mixture of blog stuff, Ebay and Facebook sales and surveys. Freelance work is generally not included as that is my normal day job.

I’m really happy with how I’ve done in July and have set myself the target of £750 for August – I’ve already managed £100 of that so I’m super chuffed.

Do you ever set yourself little moneymaking challenges?