9 Ways To Earn More Nectar Points

I’m pleased to welcome my good friend Emma to the blog today – she blogs over at From Aldi To Harrods and I’m sure you have all heard of her! I hope you enjoy her post!

We could all do with trying to earn some extra money and save money, and I am always looking for more ways to get that little bit extra from my spending. Two years ago, a Sainsbury?s finally opened in my area, and I have been trying to collect Nectar points to help us save a bit more money. Not only can you spend your Nectar points in store (where 500 points equals ?2.50), you can also spend them at places such as Argos, EasyJet, eBay, Pizza Express, Legoland, Vue and many, many more places. You can see the full list here.

There are many ways to help maximise your Nectar points. You can save them for a special occasion such as Christmas, save up for a special purchase or just use them regularly to ease your budget.


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1. Remember to use your Nectar card. Did you know that you can earn Nectar points on your shopping at the following stores: Sainsbury’s, Homebase, BP, British Gas, eBay, Expedia, First Capital Connect, Ford, Oxfam, Vision Express, DHL, Hertz and Pru Health. You may need to connect your card to your account first, for example, on your eBay account. Then each time you shop with one of the retailers, you will earn Nectar points.

2. Install the Nectar toolbar. By using the toolbar (which displays Yahoo results) you will earn 1 point for every 2 valid searches, up to a maximum of 100 points per calendar month. Replace your existing search toolbar with this and you won?t even notice the points building. What?s more, you will even get 100 points just for downloading the toolbar.

3. Whilst I don?t usually suggest that people get credit cards, I am a fan of credit cards that give you cash back or other rewards, as long as you just use them for your usual spending, and pay them back in full each month. For example, buying your petrol on them. Sainsbury?s Bank has a range of credit cards to choose from and they all give you double points on your Sainsbury?s shopping, and 1 point per ?5 spent elsewhere.

4. Nectar adpoints allows you to earn nectar points by watching video adverts, and you can earn a maximum of 250 points per week. Whilst that is just ?1 a week, you could save them up for Christmas and help ease the cost. Again, you get 100 points just for registering and watching your first video.

5. When you use your Nectar card in Sainsbury?s, you may find that you get a ?till split? coupon, which might give you double points on your next shop, or extra points when you purchase a specific item.

6. Using the Nectar App on your smartphone or tablet opens up a whole host of other offers available to you, from extra points when you purchase a specific item to double point offers.

7. Buy your home, car or life insurance from Confused.com and you can earn between 1,000 and 5,000 Nectar points. Since Confused.com already check the market and give you competetive prices, it is a win-win situation.

8. Switch your phone to Sainsbury?s Mobile (http://www.phoneshopbysainsburys.co.uk/mbs) where you will earn double points on your shopping in Sainsbury?s. They have some great offers, including a SIM only contract with 800 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data for just ?15 a month.

9. Look out for Nectar point competitions, where you can win any amount of Nectar points if you win.

So there are my top ways to increase your Nectar points. If you do something that I haven?t mentioned then please leave it in the comments – I am always looking for new ways to earn Nectar points.

Disposable Income: How Much Do You Have?

Disposable income – something we all have left over each month when we’ve paid the bills. Some of us may have just a few pounds to play with, others may have a few hundred.

It all depends on our jobs, our working hours and our budgets – it is obvious that if some people budgeted better their disposable income would be greater. I know mine would be if I didn’t give into temptation down the chocolate aisle every time I’m at the shop.

Recent findings, however, claim that the unemployed have more disposable income than those on zero hour contracts or working part time. Steve now works full time but when he first started in the company, he was working on a zero hour contract and I won’t lie to you – it was hell! We could never be sure what income would be coming in and had to rely on my part time income to make up the shortfall. It was a terrifying time and it seemed madness that we were struggling more with him in work than when he was unemployed. Nevertheless, we persevered.

Scottish Friendly found that the unemployed have 9.3% of income left over after bills are paid in comparison to the 7.8% left over by zero hour contract workers. This equates to around £174 for the unemployed each month and £130 for those working zero hours. As mentioned in the Scottish Friendly findings, this information regarding disposable income is quite shocking. Not only do those on zero hours have to worry about how much they will be bringing home in their pay packet each month but there also seems to be a disincentive to work – if people think they can earn more money not working than breaking their back for little pay, are they really going to keep doing it?

It is hardly surprising, however, that London has seen the biggest rise in disposable income in recent months. The capital is a hub of activity and excitement as people flock there for work and to live. The North West are left with the most disposable income though at 11% – a surprise, I must admit.

Our disposable income varies. With plenty of things to pay out for and debts to repay, we are left with little money over to actually do anything. This isn’t too bad for us, considering we are homebodies and love nothing more than staying at home to watch a film or some TV together. It is clear to see why these results could potentially frustrate people though – especially those who don’t know what their pay packet will be from month to month.


How much disposable income do you have per month?

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