Saving With Latest Free Stuff

 Something I do to save money which really annoys Steve is apply for free stuff online. Freebies are a good way to save money as you can find yourself building up a little stockpile – or managing to save on your daily coffee! I have recently been reviewing the Latest Free Stuff app and seeing if I really can save money with Latest Free Stuff.iPhone 5 - 2 There is a simple reason why companies offer free samples of their products – to boost their sales. For every one person that may dislike their product after trying a sample, five might love it and rush out and buy it. For dedicated freebie hunters like me, there needed to be one place where I could find all these free samples – that’s where Latest Free Stuff come in. There are plenty of freebie listing websites but LFS have gone one better and created an application suitable for IOS and Android! I’m not embarrassed to admit I spent quite a bit of time browsing the application once I first downloaded it!

iPhone 5 - 3 iPhone 5 -4

It is relatively easy to apply for the free samples that take your fancy. You simply have to click the item you want, click the Get Freebie button and the website for the sample opens up in the app meaning you don’t need to open the app again after entering your details! I tried it with a free copy of MoneyWeek magazine (after all, this is a money saving blog) and filling in my details couldn’t have been easier!

iPhone 5 -5There is even the option of choosing Today’s Freebies for a general overview or searching by the items you most need. I have lost count of the number of perfume samples and baby products I have had over the years – but they certainly have helped cut my spends right back!

The app can be downloaded for IOS here or Android here.

Do you apply for free samples? Have you ever used Latest Free Stuff?

The Importance Of Lists

What an ominous title. But here today I am going to talk to you about the importance of lists. It may sound silly to some who like to live their lives on a whim but I find I am definitely more organised if I have a list. Of course, sometimes I forget to write one or even take it with me but by listing stuff you may find yourself not having to worry about money as much.

What lists do I make?

Shopping List – This one is very basic – I have the basic food stuff on there like pasta, bread, milk, tins etcetera but when it comes to meat and fruit, I don’t tend to use a list and generally just decide on what I want when I get there. I know how much I want to spend on meat so I don’t overspend but it leaves me more choice. Next time I go to the supermarket I actually won’t need to buy any meat because I got a whole load of it for £20 from our local meat van today – much better prices than the supermarkets!

Bills list – Know what bills are going out when. I have a list on my phone and in my diary so I know what is due out when and also add to this if I know any one off bills are due out.

Income list – Obviously if you are self employed, this is pretty self explanatory as you need to keep a record of your income for tax purposes. However, even if you are employed and tax is sorted through your employer, it is handy to know what you have coming in so you can work out how much is going to bills, savings, general spends.

Spends list – I am a nightmare with this and never remember to do it – but this is basically listing what you are spending on with the money from your general spends. This can help you to easily identify where you are losing the most money (when I was in retail, it would have been Costa Coffee) and you can go about sorting it out.

Do you use lists? Do you think they have an importance in everyday life?

Extreme Cheapskates – Step Too Far?

I’m sure most of you have come across the show Extreme Cheapskates, whether you happen to be in the US or the UK – perhaps across the world. Here in the UK, it is shown on the TLC channel – what can be known as my ‘guilty pleasure’ channel.

We all like to budget and make savings where possible but where would you draw the line? Sometimes I see what these ‘extreme cheapskates’ are doing and actually think – ‘hang on, I am guilty of that too!’ but other times I find myself utterly disgusted!

One lady doesn’t buy toilet roll and instead uses water and soap to clean up after using the toilet. I also saw an episode where a guy takes over his colleagues leftovers from work and serves them up for dinner – despite the fact his wife has been ill because of them at least two times! He also chose to hold his daughters Sweet Sixteenth at a strip club because it was cheapest – although his daughter didn’t mind too much on the day, the family were mortified when he first broached the idea with them!

Some people on the show do have great ideas such as repurposing items, picking up dropped coins and pretending that the value stuff is really the premium stuff – I think we can all be guilty of these and they are nothing to be ashamed of. However, when I see families sharing brown bath water and not buying toilet roll – I cringe a little inside.

To me, certain items are necessities – clean water for a bath, toilet rolls etc – these aren’t luxuries for me and are included in my monthly budget. It seems that some of these people are taking their penny pinching ways too far – can living that frugally ever make somebody happy?

What are your thoughts on this?