Why I Won’t Get Rid Of Sky

Whenever people hear I am working to a budget, they automatically nit pick at the things I continue to pay for. Skincare – I will continue to buy this because I want to have good skin! Internet connection – I need this for work and my blog. Mobile phone – likewise, I can use this for on the go – plus calling and texting, anyone?

Then they come to the big one. Sky+. We probably could get a smaller package but I can guarantee it would be more expensive than what we are paying now. We have the complete package and are paying less per month with Sky than we were paying for the middle package with Virgin. I found a fantastic deal on Top Cashback and not only are we paying much less than we should be, we also get two lots of cash back for sticking with Sky – effectively making two months free!

Anyway, I digress. Some days I will watch a lot of telly. Other days I won’t – it generally depends on whether Steve is working days, nights or he’s off. If he is off, it will generally be on all day but if he isn’t, there are certain times when it goes off – like now. I am writing this whilst Steve is on a night shift and Jack is in bed – there is no need for it to be on.

However, I won’t get rid of it nor will I downsize. I don’t go out very often so when I am not out with Jack and Steve or working – the television will go on. I have no vices – I don’t smoke, I barely drink nowadays – I do have a slight addiction to chocolate but who doesn’t? So why is my choice of television package such a bone of contention with some people? I have seen plenty of people nit pick at others for keeping their Sky package when working to a budget. They may be tied into a deal or this may be their only vice – who am I to judge?

Myself and Steve both love the sports channels. All three of us enjoy the movie channels. There are certain channels in our package that we couldn’t get if we downsized and certainly couldn’t get if we watched Freeview instead.

I am fed up of people judging other people’s supposed financial situation according to whether they have cable/satellite or not. As long as the bills are being paid on time, who cares? Someone may not be able to leave their house for whatever reason and Sky or Virgin may be the only thing that keeps them sane. Society is too full of judgemental people nowadays – perhaps people should take a step back and look at what they are doing wrong with their lives before using their skewed perception to criticise others.

Side hustles – or the whole hustle?

I have seen a few of these monthly income posts floating around and wondered if this would be something that you would like to see on this blog. I currently work as a freelance writer and am also lucky enough to earn money from my various blogs.

I know some personal finance blogs (especially the US ones) tend to focus on their side hustle income rather than everything as a whole so I was wondering if anyone was interested in seeing what work there is out there if you really look.

I am lucky to be doing a job I really enjoy and if I can help you in anyway, please do let me know!

I earnt absolute zilch through my freelance work this month but did quite well in blog related income. I’m hoping to boost the freelance work this month whilst also keeping a steady rate of income flowing from my blogs and other side hustles.

Do you have any side hustles?

The 2014 Christmas Comping Challenge: First Update

I promised to update you regularly on how I am getting on with my comping challenge where I hope to make Christmas as cheap as possible. I haven’t won any vouchers this month which is a shame and the majority of things I have won have already been opened, however I wish for a better month next month.

This month I won:

Smurfs 2 DVD from a blog giveaway – This will be put away for Jack’s Christmas stocking

DAIM Chocolate – this hasn’t arrived yet but obviously won’t last until Christmas.

Family ticket for Empire Cinemas – the money we save from going to the cinema I am going to put away in the Christmas fund.

£20 Frankie and Benny’s voucher – Going to use this for a nice treat around Valentines Day

Kids pyjamas set – Depending on how small/big they come up on Jack, he may have them now or may be put away for Christmas

Debut book from Books, Biscuits and Tea blog – As it is for me, I am having this straight away!

Heroes of the City book, DVD and toys – Would have put this away for Christmas but Jack got there first…Oh dear!

Random black mug with chalk – Unsure about this – may decorate and use it as decoration somewhere.

As you can see, I had some nice wins but nothing that I can really use to keep Christmas costs down. I haven’t been too lucky with my surveys either – I have just cashed out £20 from one site though so hope to add that money to the Christmas pot.

Are you trying to keep Christmas costs down this year?