Christmas Comping Challenge Update

The past few weeks since my last update have seen me comping like crazy but slacking on the survey front. I have won a few prizes such as three personalised phone cases now and some jewellery. The biggest win was a £50 voucher for Ask Her Friends – I was going to save this for my mum’s and mother in law’s Christmas presents but then I realised that Mother’s Day is next month so I am saving it for then instead.

I have been ebaying my heart out with the free listings days and weekends – listing anything and everything that I no longer need or want. Clothes, makeup, books – you name it and it is probably on there. I am putting the money from my Ebay sales towards paying people back – Steve’s job and my job are keeping us afloat bills wise (just about) so this is my main focus.

I am still entering all the gift card and money competitions I can find plus lots of other ones if I think the prizes would be good for presents – you can keep up with my progress in real time over at the comping challenge Facebook page.

Have you set any plans in action for Christmas yet? What are you doing?

Side hustles – or the whole hustle?

I have seen a few of these monthly income posts floating around and wondered if this would be something that you would like to see on this blog. I currently work as a freelance writer and am also lucky enough to earn money from my various blogs.

I know some personal finance blogs (especially the US ones) tend to focus on their side hustle income rather than everything as a whole so I was wondering if anyone was interested in seeing what work there is out there if you really look.

I am lucky to be doing a job I really enjoy and if I can help you in anyway, please do let me know!

I earnt absolute zilch through my freelance work this month but did quite well in blog related income. I’m hoping to boost the freelance work this month whilst also keeping a steady rate of income flowing from my blogs and other side hustles.

Do you have any side hustles?