Five Budget Date Ideas

Looking for love? You’re not alone. There are countless men and women out there who are also looking for love. They are looking on their local dating sites to find like minded individuals who share their wants and needs.

But once you’ve secured that date, how can you have fun whilst keeping to a budget? Here are five budget date ideas for you to try:

Have a picnic in the park

Make the food before you meet each other – both bring a variety of food and drink for you both to enjoy. Indulge in conversation and get to know each other better whilst chilling out on a blanket. Watch people go by and have a fab time.


We all know that phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ but you don’t have to do the whole chill thing just yet if you don’t want to, haha! However binge watching some movies or some interesting shows together is a great date idea that won’t cost much more than your Netflix subscription and some snacks.

Go To A Museum

These are generally free and whilst they may not seem like the most obvious date idea, they can be great – especially if you have a shared interest that the museum caters to. Why not head to your local museum and see what conversation it sparks up? Who knows – you may just realise you’ve met the one whilst looking at a years old exhibit.

Get On The Discount Sites

It may sound silly but there are some fab deals on the various discount sites around if you only look. That way you can have what would usually be an incredibly expensive experience for a fraction of the price. Afternoon tea, a track day, a trip somewhere – not necessarily your most obvious date ideas but they will surely be memorable if you whip them out of the bag for your date. You would be a fool not to keep an eye on these sites and then purchase a deal that is perfect for the person you are meeting!

Cook For Them Or Have Them Cook For You

It may not be your first choice – especially if this is the first time you’ve met them – but if you’ve been on a few dates now, why not cook for each other? It is definitely to be much more in the budget than a meal out and it gives you the chance to impress (or horrify!) with your culinary skills. Sure, you may encounter an extra expense if you choose to go all out to impress them but if you choose to make a simple but impressive dish with the contents of your fridge, freezer and cupboard, then you’re winning – a decent date without spending more than a few pennies.

These are just a few date ideas for those times when you need to keep to a strict budget. Do you have any more?

*Looking for love in your area? Try senior dating┬áif you are looking for the more mature man or woman. It will obviously depend on your area as to what dating site you need but don’t forget to check out dating in Bristol, Wiltshire dating sites and single women in York if those are of your area. But you don’t have to be looking for love to take advantage of budget date ideas – some people are just into some no strings dating and that is fine too!


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