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Making Money Blogging | Can It Be Done?

This post contains affiliate links.

Plenty of people think that making money blogging is impossible or somehow taboo. However, given half the chance they would probably give it a go too.


That being said, plenty of people come into blogging thinking they will be making mega bucks straight away and that simply isn’t the case. You need a variety of different things to even start to see that money roll in and it can be a hard slog to get there.

Your Own Domain

This isn’t exactly a necessity but it definitely helps and you definitely get taken more seriously. Either buy a domain via Blogger or use self hosted WordPress. itself has some strict rules about monetisation whereas self hosted WordPress (like this blog here) give a lot more freedom.

You can simply use Blogger without buying a domain but if you are contacted about your Domain Authority, you wouldn’t be able to give a genuine result as the results would be impacted by the Blogger score itself. My lifestyle with its own domain has a DA of around 37 whereas someone I know on a Blogger blog with the URL found they had 70+ and were celebrating, thinking it would get them lots of work. But it isn’t a true score as Blogger itself is the domain, not your blog and the high score will take from that.

I currently have my hosting through Lyrical Host so I do tend to buy domains via their site. However, there are numerous sites you can buy a domain from.

You May Need To Spend Money To Make Money

Following on from buying your own domain, you may need to spend a little in the short term to benefit you in the long term. Making money blogging can be a long and arduous task so it is essential to make sure you have all the best tools to hand.

Put The Time In

Focus on creating content and making your site look the part, If you want to be making money blogging, you need to look the part and so does your blog. Make sure it looks professional, has great quality content and has your contact details readily available. Research the best tools you will need for blogging and sign up to social media as these will be instrumental to driving traffic to your blog. This will take time but it is so worth it.

You will learn a lot through blogging as long as you put the time in.

Content Is King

This phrase does get bandied around quite a lot but it couldn’t be more true. If you are serious about making money blogging, you need to have quality content that people want to keep coming back to. The odd post every couple of months, a badly written post with little to no research or plagiarised posts are never going to earn you any money. You need to put the hard work in and make sure that you have something for people to come back for.

Traffic Is The Key

Plenty of ways of monetisation rely on your traffic. Adsense, affiliate links etc. These all need decent traffic and people clicking through on them to actually make you an income. If you have 10 people checking out your site once and not coming back due to no quality content, you can’t seriously expect them to want to click on your ads or affiliate links – they have no incentive to.


Once your content is on point and you have a decent amount of traffic, you may find people contacting you about sponsored posts and banner advertisements. These are definitely one of the better ways in regards to making money blogging and can earn you quite a bit of money. Banner advertising generally advertises a company in your sidebar for a set amount of time whereas sponsored posts are blog posts featuring a specific brand. Some readers can get funny about sponsored posts – plenty of people write them like reviews but if you can make them snappy and interesting, often people won’t mind. I am currently contacted directly by PRs or SEOs mostly, although there are some sites that are also good too.


I touched briefly on them in a previous point but once you’ve got a steady flow of traffic, now add these in. Hopefully you will start to see a steady income grow from these. Make sure your Adsense adverts are placed where visitors can see them but where they aren’t too imposing that they will annoy your readers. Make sure your settings are set so relevant ads come up.

With affiliates, only include ones relevant to your content. If I was writing a post about balancing blogging as a work from home mum, I may link to the Blogging Your Way To Riches book {affiliate link}. If writing about products on Amazon or Ebay, I would use my affiliate codes for those.

It can be fairly easy to make money blogging if you are prepared to put the time and effort in. If you follow the tips above, you could be well on your way. I still don’t earn a full time income from blogging – few do – but I top it up with freelance work. Some people do amazingly though. Check out income reports from A Pinch Of Yum for an idea.

Your Own Products

Did you know that many bloggers have their own products that they sell which bring them income? If you don’t have the time to create a product, you can still get in on this action by becoming an affiliate for the bloggers that do.

For instance, Emma Drew from MyBlogMyBusiness has some really helpful courses – my particular favourite is Turn Your Dreams Into Money. Bintu from Recipes From A Pantry is an Instant Pot, air fryer and meal planning aficionado and has put those skills to good use with her fantastic recipe binders. Neesha has a wonderful eBook all about affiliate marketing {affiliate link}.

 I mentioned above about bloggers writing books – you only have to search Amazon or Goodreads to see a number of physical books from bloggers.

There’s even apps too or even printables. Many bloggers create printables and sell them on their websites or Etsy. I see many bloggers, especially personal finance bloggers, using numbers clipart to help them create their printables.

Some of the most popular bloggers even have brand deals for clothing and other such items – Laura from What Laura Loves collaborates with Curvissa often and it is so inspiring!

It is important to remember though that there will be dips now and again – here are some blog jobs to do when you have no paid work.

Do you make money from blogging?