About Me

Hello! I’m Rebecca,  a 20 something mum of one from the United Kingdom. I also write over at Futures. I am a freelance writer, proofreader and blogger – if you need someone for the job, I could be your girl!

Wondering why this blog is called Keene On Saving when my surname is Smith? Wonder no more! I am actually engaged to my partner of 7+ years, Steve and his surname is Keene. Since my fiance, son and daughter have the same name, a friend suggested that I give the blog the aforementioned name since I will eventually be one too – and here we are, over a year on!


We have found ourselves in a little bit of financial trouble over the past couple of years and whilst our problems probably aren’t anywhere near those of others, I want to try and eliminate them as quickly as possible – choosing to document how I do so here.

Getting rid of our debts is a must. Why not join us on our journey?