Cash-in on first issue comic books: Some of the most valued

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Did you have a favourite comic book growing up? They can evoke great memories and for many people, comic books can arouse that sense of pocket money nostalgia — back in the day when you saved up all week to buy your favourite title. 

Are you someone that has treasured their copies since childhood, vowing to never part with them? If you’re willing to part with them, it could be a good opportunity to make some money for your summer holidays or refurbishment around your home? Here’s our guide to some of the most valuable first issues out there (as long as the condition of the comic is impeccable!). Could you be harboring one in your attic? Carry on reading to find out.

  1. Avengers #1, 1963 — £210,486

The ever-popular Avengers series had quite the humble beginning, and these once glossy pages feature the likes of Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Ant-Man. If you could uncover one of these from your own collection, it could do as well at auction as the staggering price tag it currently has. Fantastic Four #1, 1961— £230,460

There’d be no Marvel if there hadn’t been a Fantastic Four to pave the way! This one was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and it sets a precedent of hundreds more adventures to follow. It was sold for a staggering £230,460 in 2011. 

2. Incredible Hulk #1, 1962 — £250,433

Did you know that due to ink issues, the Hulk was grey before he was green? Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby, this duo created one of the most prolific comic book figures, a first edition copy was sold for 250,433 in 2014. 

3. Captain America Comics #1, 1941 — £263,536

Jack Kirby teamed up with Joe Simon to produce this masterpiece, and it certainly stood out on the newsagent shelves; the cover features Captain America swinging a punch towards Adolf Hitler?! It sold for a huge £263,536, so it’s definitely worth unearthing from the depths of your collection! 

4. Beano #1, 1938- £17,300

A true British icon, the first ever issue was just 28 pages long and there are only 25 known copies known to still exist. It was sold for 2 pence originally, but it fetched a startling £17,300 at auction in 2015.

5. Marvel Comics #1, 1939 — £268,870

This first issue created the Marvel that is loved globally nowadays. In the comic we were introduced to The Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner for the first time. 

6. Flash Comics #1, 1940 — £345,690

This icon was written by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, and readers were introduced to the likes of the Golden Age Flash and the Golden Age Hawkman. It auctioned for a six-figure total in 2010, and at the time it was the second most-expensive comic in all time. 

7. X-Men #1, 1963 — £378,674

These notorious crime-fighting mutants took on Magento in this issue, another Stan Lee and Jack Kirby collaboration, which sold for an enormous fee of £378,674 in 2012. 

8. Superman #1, 1939 — £389,861

Of course, Superman would make an appearance on this list! Nowadays known as a star-studded role to portray in his various blockbuster films, this self-titled debut broke away from Action Comics where he had originally appeared. Early in 2018, it sold for an impressive figure which is just as impressive as his fictional crime-fighting career. 

9. Batman #1, 1939 — £436, 049 

Batman’s standalone career in comic book fame began in this issue, and his prolific counterparts the Joker and Catwoman were in tow. A well-kept copy sold for £436,049 in 2013. 

So, if you can get your hands on one of these, you could be in for a heathy profit, up to as much as six figures! 

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Four Ways To Boost Your Finances For The Future

If we are all honest with one another, I think we would all like to improve our finances in some way. Have some extra each month to save for the future, maybe feel like we can afford those holidays we would like to take or just treat ourselves to some little luxuries. However, many people are on fixed incomes and feel they have no option. But, you do. I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you could boost your finances.

pina messina

Make solid investments in stock and shares

Investing in stocks and shares may sound scary, and of course, there is an element of risk to it, but actually these sorts of investments can really pay off. It takes a little bit of research beforehand, and looking for the right trading platform like td ameritrade to give you the right software to do it, but once you feel you have the knowledge it could really pay off. Investing in stocks and shares can be seen as more of a long term thing, and it is always advisable to keep an eye on things so you know when the right time to sell is.


Take a look at your current outgoings

Sometimes starting a little more closer to home is the way forward and your current outgoings could be the way forward. We all have bills to pay and commitments to meet each month, but are you paying the least amount you can be for them? This is when you need to consider reducing your outgoings by getting cheaper quotes for things like energy and insurance Switching providers can potentially save you a lot. The food bill could also be reduced with a  change of habits such as meal planning and changing the store that you shop in.


Get on the property ladder

Another thing to think about would be to get on the property ladder. Getting on the property ladder is a real investment for the future. The value tends to increase over time which means that you can really set yourself up for the future. Many people look to get on the property ladder, and then move up and increase the potential by investing in bigger properties. It may feel like a big ask right now, but once you take that step, you are on the ladder and you can then move forward and increase your future value.


Increase your earning potential

Finally, why not look at ways to increase your earning potential? You don’t need to stick with what you earn each month, you can look at ways at increasing it. One obvious option would be to look for a pay rise or to go for a new job with higher earning potential. If that isn’t an option then you can look at ways at home to increase your earnings. It might be that you could sell unwanted items on eBay, or start a business from home in your spare time.

I hope that these options help you to boost your finances.



5 Smart Phone Apps To Earn You Money

One of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash is to use smart phone apps. I recently reviewed my friend Emma’s book, 50 iPhone App To Earn Cash and I thought I would share my top 5 apps with you (with Emma’s permission of course).


  1. GeoTask

GeoTask is one of the newer apps on the scene, but I love the idea behind it. GeoTask are looking to help our towns and cities thrive, so they are offering a weekly and monthly prize draw where you can win anything from £1 – £25 in cash and gift cards. To get involved all you have to do is register and download the app. It will work in the background to anonymously collect GPS data and give it to towns and cities free of charge.


  1. Zeek

If you have any unwanted gift cards and you’d like to sell them, or you want to buy gift cards for less than face value to help out with your Christmas shopping then definitely check out the Zeek app. What’s more, you can get £5 credited to your account completely free if you use my code: 2U69DA   

  1. iPoll

iPoll is a survey website but they also have a smart phone app. You can earn cash either from the comfort of your own home or whilst out shopping or eating. The tasks vary, from keeping a diary of where you ate out to answering questions about your favourite pizza.

  1. Checkout smart

Checkout Smart won’t earn you money, but you can get cashback on your grocery shopping just by uploading your receipt. Sometimes they will even cover the whole cost of an item, meaning you can grab lots of freebies.

  1. Field Agent

Field Agent pay you to do location based tasks, like checking item displays in supermarkets. There are a wide range of tasks available and you can make some serious money by using them.

What are some of your favourite money apps?

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