5 Tips to finding a loan with bad credit history

Getting a loan to finance your needs with a bad credit score is one of the most daunting encounters we can ever come across in our lives. This is because anyone with bad credit history is ranked as a high-risk customer by major banks, credit unions and other major lending institutions. Under most circumstances if they are not guaranteed that their loans will be repaid, they simply won’t make the loan. Nevertheless, all is not lost, despite the heightened regulations set by lenders, a few observations that could get you a loan with substandard credit scores include;


  • Shopping around for lenders who can accommodate your situation


There are plenty of circumstances that can affect your credit history, it could be sickness, losing your job, forgetting to pay your bills in time, a divorce, and much more. Lenders out there understand that we can sometimes hit bumps in our lives. Looking for those lenders that can put your individual encounters into considerations and consequently help you meet your needs should therefore be the first step you make.


  • Get a guarantor with a good credit history


Getting a co-signer with a good credit history is one of the best ways to help to find a loan regardless of a second-rate credit history. If the person trusts your capacity to repay the loan and bears an excellent personal credit background, the lender will set the terms based on his or her creditworthiness as he or she will be equally responsible for repayment in the event that you default. Bearing it in mind that non-remittance of the loan will severely damage the guarantor’s credit score, you will have to ensure that you make timely payments.


  • Have a copy of your credit report


Many lenders would want to know what actions you have taken to address your past credit history setbacks, if you have been showing efforts in meeting your overdue debts, this could just be the best indicators that you will be committed to your words once they strike a deal with you.


  • Opt for secured loans where possible


Borrowing against your own assets such as home, car, stocks, among many other options could be the best chance of getting a loan for meeting your various needs. With secured loans, you will enjoy better terms such as relatively low-interest rates and access to larger amounts of money despite a not up to par credit history. The risk that comes with secured loans is that non-payment could put your assets in jeopardy.


  • Lenders with alternative scoring models could help


Most lenders use an automated scoring model to determine a potential lendee’s creditworthiness. In case there are lenders who can offer alternative scoring models while still keeping up with responsible lending regulations, knocking at their doors could be the answer to your prayers.

Despite a bad credit history, you could still secure a loan based on the above set of options. As you do so, be mindful to meet your end of the bargains if the borrowing process succeeds. This will redeem your credit scores in the course of time.


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