25 Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter

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As bloggers and businesses, an email newsletter is a great resource and something everyone should have. The problem I have is that I struggle to know exactly what to write in the newsletter to keep readers interested. I have plenty of ideas for my sites but newsletters leave me confused – I just never know what to put.

Campaign Monitor have handily created an infographic which gives you 25 content ideas for your email newsletter so you are never lost for words. This is especially handy for someone like me – it means I will always have something fresh to talk about. What do you like to talk about in your email newsletters? Do you use any of these content ideas?

A newsletter is so important for a brand – and for us as bloggers too. It is a great way to get information about you to your readers, your consumers and to your customers and research has found that many more people prefer to get updates via an email newsletter rather than in real time via social media. Why wouldn’t you want to ensure your email newsletter contains content people definitely want to read?

25 Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletter - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: 25 Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletter by Campaign Monitor

Have you used any of these content ideas in the past? I totally agree with the fact that newsletters should be more than just news, don’t you? I also like the idea of introducing your newsletter readers to the wider community – I think this is a great idea.

Do you use an email newsletter for your blog or business? Will you be trying any of these content ideas?

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