What Can I Do With My Old Books?

Old books. We all have them. We sometimes want to get rid of them. But what can we do with them?

I have more than enough books to contend with and a very embarrassing to-be-read pile. But I also have those books I know and love and will keep forever. But what about those books that you’ve read once or twice but no longer need in your life? Those books that are just taking up valuable space. Here are my top suggestions:

Donate them

There are plenty of places to donate your old books. Charity shops, local events (we have a little coffee morning ‘Pop-In’ in my village where you can give your old stuff – I’ve bought many an old book here!).

Sell them

There are plenty of places you can sell your old books – but you may not get much for them. Car boot sales, Facebook selling pages, Ebay and book specific websites such as WeBuyBooks are the best places, although you may only get pennies.

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Get them valued

You never know, you could be hiding a rare first edition in there. Obviously this would require checking through the books first but should you come across a rare first edition of a book, you could be quids in.

Give them away

If your family and friends are anything like mine, then they will always love and appreciate books that are new to them. Half of my collection have been given to me over the years by my family and friends and I guess that most of theirs have been too. That way you can always borrow one back if you decide you really want to read it again.

Make art

I actually don’t agree with this one at all as I hate people even writing in books and defacing them let alone this. But people make these wonderful pieces of artwork out of old, unwanted books. Much as I appreciate the beauty, it is something I could never do to my old books.


What do you do with any books you no longer want?

An Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom – Book Review & Giveaway

I am really starting to get more into reading books like this, ever since starting Keene On Saving. When the opportunity came up to review this book, I couldn’t resist as I knew it would make a great feature on this blog and I was also really interested in what the author had to say.

Plenty of financial books use a lot of technical jargon throughout but this book was written so anyone could understand it, young or old. Whilst some of the points may not have been relevant to certain age demographics, everyone could take a little something away from this book.

I am really interested in learning about passive income so this really intrigued me – I would love to eventually get to a point where I have a decent passive income coming in, but then wouldn’t we all?  I find that this book gives an interesting but different perspective on money than what the majority of people are used to but that is in no way a bad thing – this book made me think, it inspired me and it gave me ideas. Hopefully it can do the same for you.


An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom offers a different perspective on money than what is traditionally taught by our parents and in our school systems. The reason there is such a discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor is due to the difference in the way money is perceived. We are not born with the ability to maintain wealth: it is something that is learned. The knowledge of knowing how to make money work to generate passive income is something that anyone can learn as long as they are disciplined. An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom is based on practical concepts and discusses the problems that the majority of us face with our personal finance. The concepts in this book are based on theory by an author that practices what he writes about.

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“If you are looking for financial freedom, this book is definitely for you!”
– review from The Frugal Mrs Jones
“Reading this book, will not only enlighten you, it will educate you as well.
– review from Deneale’s Book Buzz

“An encouraging and fast read that will change your thoughts on money management and how you will go about seeking financial freedom for yourself and family.”
– review from Living the Leviner Life

About the Author

Michael Munsey works in the oil industry and resides in Houston, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from Murray State University in May of 1995. While working to climb the corporate ladder within Halliburton Energy Services, Michael enrolled in the EMBA program at Rice University in 2005. After earning his MBA, he had a major change in the way he perceives money which he is sharing in this book.

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