Making Money By Clearing Out Your Old Rubbish

January is one of those months where we have all the resolutions to do stuff and change up what we are doing. Some of us choose to get fit and lose weight, some choose to try a new hobby and some choose to declutter their houses ready for the year ahead.

But what do you do with your old rubbish when you no longer want it? Well, anything that can truly be deemed as rubbish can be put into your weekly or fortnightly waste collection, taken to the dump or recycled. But for those decent quality items that you simply no longer want? Why not make some money off of them? I am a big believer in selling the items you no longer want, as long as they are of decent quality. Why not make some money back after you forked out your hard earned cash for them originally?

There are plenty of places to sell your unwanted items to get some cash and assets nowadays but have you ever considered interactive online auctions? Not like your general auction websites, these auction companies manage the whole process from start to finish, often offering a few different processes for how to go about this. This means you can find the process that suits you the best.

These are great if you want to sell something but have no idea how to price it or know where to sell it. They know what sort of prices the items will go for and what type of people will buy them. They know exactly where to market the items and let people know what you have for sale. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this?

I have a couple of items I have been hanging onto as I just don’t know what to do with them. I know they are worth a fair amount so I don’t just want to let them go for a certain price and then find out I could have got more, much more. Perhaps an online auction is worth my while – at least I know that I will be given a fair deal and the people buying them actually want them.

I love selling my old stuff – both parties benefit well as one person gets cash and the other gets the item they want. But I don’t like the whole process of listing everything, taking pictures, researching prices and where to market the items. It is tempting sometimes to just take them to the charity shop – even if I could do with the money! This would certainly make the selling process more streamlined if I could rely on someone else to do it for me.

Have you ever sold your old stuff at an online auction? How did you find it and did you get what you wanted from it? Do you find the other avenues of selling your old stuff tedious and boring? Maybe these interactive auctions are worth a try. What do you say, why don’t we give them a try and see how we get on?


Play Your Favourite Lottery Online; It’s Money Well Spent

Yes, this is a blog about saving, but we’re going to talk about why it’s worth it to spend a little more money and get a lot more in return.

Lottery messenger services, companies that buy physical lottery tickets on behalf of online players, have revolutionized the way we play the lottery.  Today, the world’s lotteries are available to players from all over the world. You can play the American Mega Millions or Powerball, with their incredible jackpots, without setting foot in the United States. Or, Australia’s Saturday Lotto, with its great winning odds, without the long flight to Sydney.

In short, you are no longer limited by what’s available at the local store or petrol station, it’s possible to find the lottery you’re looking for online. While online lottery play is slightly more expensive than playing a local lottery, there are a number of features that make the small price difference worth it.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

When your heart is set on something, it is disappointing to have to compromise. With online lottery play, it is possible to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to play for the biggest jackpots in the world, they’re online. Perhaps you’re looking for the lotteries with the best winning odds? They’re also online. Playing the lottery should be fun and if you’re not playing the lottery you want to play, well, you’re wasting your money!

Knowledge is Power

When you play the lottery online, it’s possible to keep track of exactly how much you’ve spent on tickets and how much you’ve won. We said it before, playing the lottery should be fun. And it should fit your budget. Knowing where you stand in terms of money spent and money won is an important tool to ensure that your lottery play stays on the right side of fun. If you find that playing the lottery is no longer fun or is becoming problematic, it is possible to self-exclude so that you are unable to play.

Boost Your Odds

US Powerball consistently has the largest jackpot in the world. In fact, it’s the lottery that holds the jackpot world record of $1.6 billion set in January 2016. Unfortunately, Powerball’s huge jackpots are only possible because the odds of winning the kjackpot are relatively low. However, there are ways to increase your Powerball winning odds. The easiest way is to join a syndicate and boost your winning odds by hundreds or even thousands of times, without spending hundreds or thousands more. By boosting your winning odds while keeping the ticket price the same, you’re actually getting a discount!

Take Advantage of Sales

While lottery tickets at the local market will never go on sale, online lottery messenger services have promotions, sales, and schemes all the time. It’s common for lottery messenger service to have holiday sales on certain lotteries or even site wide. Many online lottery ticket services also offer subscriptions or multi-draw entries where players can buy entries to consecutive draws for a predetermined amount of time or number of draws. In either case, the cost per entry will be lower. A savvy shopper can always find a way to pay less when playing online.


5 Ways to Bet Safely Online

Betting online can be fun if you’re smart and safe about it. There are risks which you don’t want to take and don’t need to take. To make sure that you enjoy betting online and to make sure you are being safe, here are five top tips.

  1. Only Use HTTPS Domains for Maximum Security

Before you even consider betting on a website, you need to know that it’s a safe place to transfer money. There’s been a lot of ink spilt over Google’s recent HTTPS update, but all you need to know is that HTTPS websites are safer — especially when you’re transferring money.

A HTTPS domain will have a lock symbol on the top left of the browser by the website address. This lets you know that all information transferred is totally encrypted. You don’t really have to know what it means; just be sure that you use an HTTPS website.


  1. Make Sure The Website Is Approved By The UK Gambling Commission

Gambling is legal in the UK, but it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. There are certain things which online and offline casinos are not allowed to do. Predatory tactics designed to make you spend when you probably shouldn’t are outlawed in the UK and the UK Gambling Commission’s role is to make sure that casinos follow the highest standards.

If a website is approved by the UK Gambling Commission, it means that it’s a safe place to bet. Don’t risk going anywhere which isn’t. Of course, even if a website is approved by the UK Gambling Commission, you still need to be careful. This is where Gamble Aware comes in…


  1. Read Gamble Aware’s Advice and Follow It

Gamble Aware is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible gambling. Their advice is simple, but it’s important enough to require repeating: don’t bet when you’re angry or sad, don’t chase your losses, set yourself a budget, and stop when the fun stops.


  1. Find the Best Places for Live Dealer Roulette & Other Games from Experts

Online casinos are built so that the odds are against you, and this is especially true with regards to games of luck like roulette. Even still, some places are better than others. Sometimes, this is because the game of live dealer roulette is more enjoyable because of some interesting design features.

However, sometimes, games can actually give you a slight edge. This edge still puts you at a huge disadvantage compared to the casino, but it puts you in a slightly better position than you might be at a different casino. For example, la partage live dealer roulette means that you get back half of your winnings if the ball lands on zero when you’re making an even money bet. In other versions of live dealer roulette, this is not the case.

What’s more, a game of live dealer roulette which allows a lower minimum stake is going to be more cost-efficient, as it’s going to give you more options.

Whatever game you’re playing online, it pays to shop around and to read reviews. Whether it’s live dealer roulette, baccarat, poker, or sports betting, different websites will have slight differences between them in terms of odds, minimum bets, and other factors. Things are still not stacked in your favour, but any edge you can give yourself can make all the difference.


  1. Don’t Believe in Streaks or That You’re “Due” Anything

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when betting is assuming that they can develop a winning streak or that — if they are losing — they’re due a win. In games of skill like poker or sports betting, the only way you can make sure that you’re due a win is to get good at what you’re doing. What’s more, you don’t go on a winning streak in poker. Rather, you play tactically and use your advantage to bleed the other players of their chips.

In games of chance, there’s absolutely no way that you are any kind of streak or that you’re due a win. That’s you projecting emotions onto something which is entirely random. The roulette wheel has no memory and it is blind to your emotions. If it’s landed on red the last 100 times, there’s still a 50/50 that it’ll land on red the next time.