Going The Wrong Way

I’ve mentioned before that we are drastically trying to cut down our debts and increase our income. For some reason, life has been plotting against us and for the past few months, we have been going the wrong way.

Outgoings seem to have increased and incomings decreased plus with Jack being at home over the summer = disaster. We are looking into other options so we can get on the right track again.

So what are we considering?

– Myself going back to work again. I’ve always been happy to be out of retail but if needs must through some lean months, I will have to.

– Push myself more. I could probably get more contracts if I pushed myself more and really believed in myself. This is something I need to work on.

Steve take on more overtime. He has already arranged quite a bit for this month, we shall see if this continues over the next few months.

-Work on decreasing any unnecessary expenditure. If that means keeping a money diary, so be it. I don’t want to have made all this progress for it all to get undone.

What would you suggest?


  1. I am sure you have already got a good record of your current debts and the interest you pay on them. If not i would recommend you start with doing that, then see if there is any way of moving them around. For example when i had several CC debts i contacted the one who was charging the least interest and asked them about moving other balances to them so i had one account to work on. They were very helpful and let me do that as long as i closed the other accounts.

  2. Hi, always concentrating on paying any extra you can afford off the your borrowing with the highest rate of interest, don’t try to tackle it all at once. Focus on one, reduce it and get rid of it then move on to the next.

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