Dating On A Budget – Why You Should Try Dating Locally


Dating can be expensive – we all know that. But it doesn’t have to be. So much money is spent on dating nowadays from the outfits and the makeup to the date itself. But what expenses people forget to tell you about are the travel to and from the date, the potential hotel stays. We’ve all heard the stories of people who have met The One on an online dating site only to find out that one of them lives at one end of the country and the other lives at the other end.

It is important to keep to your budget if you are strapped for cash and we have one simple idea for how you can date on a budget – date locally.

If you use your local dating sites (such as the Strathclyde dating site if you’re living in Strathclyde), then you have a much better chance of keeping to a budget. You don’t need to stay at a hotel in order to meet someone, you know the most affordable places to eat or drink without looking too cheap and you both know the free stuff you can also do to make your date fun – we all have local parks and sights, after all.

Perhaps you are from Northern Ireland and looking to date Belfast singles – you would surely use a Belfast site to find local men and women who may be interested in you. You may be in Fife in Scotland and want to date Fife singles – why would you be looking at southern England for dates?

If you’re in the Midlands, there are plenty of single women in Birmingham looking for someone – don’t go searching further afield!

Dating locally is not only much better for the wallet but it can also be so much more fun. How many of us have gone on rubbish dates where it wasn’t actually your dates fault but the venue or location? With both of you living locally, you know what places are the dives and which places are much better to visit. You don’t want to be wasting your hard earned money in a place that isn’t going to appreciate you and that will tarnish your date. Knowing the area really helps to minimise the chances of this.

Whether you are looking for love or a little bit of naughty dating, using your online dating sites will surely help you find the right kind of people that you are looking for. You will find people who know what you know, who like what you like, who understand the area just like you do.

If you are keeping to a budget, why not try dating locally instead? Give up on the national dating and meeting guys or girls from across the country and find people who live close by who don’t require a ton in travel expenses in order to see them! This will definitely help lighten the load on your purse strings without you compromising on having fun when dating.

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