How To Save More (And Spend Less) In 2017

When it comes to our savings, it is well known that plenty of people cannot resist a little dip into the pot when the going gets tough.

Despite promising themselves they won’t, they often find their savings depleted by the end of the year with nothing to show for it. But we all want to save more and spend less, don’t we? Saving more can be easily achieved. There are a variety of ways in which this can be done.



Cut back on any unnecessary expenses.

Is that Netflix subscription really needed? If not, cancel it and put the subscription cost into a savings pot. It wasn’t missed anyway so better to boost the savings than keep up an entirely unnecessary subscription.

Empty pockets of change everyday.

Whilst it may seem like a small amount, this will soon add up and make a nice addition to a savings account.

Develop some side hustles.

People often have hobbies that can be monetized – these should be taken advantage of. Homemade jewelry sales, dog walking and even shopping can be made into monetized hobbies. Who wouldn’t love being paid to shop? Make some money and save it for a rainy day. Even better if the hobby is free or fairly cheap!

Get cashback.

When I say this, I mean in one of two ways. Use a cashback site like TopCashback or Quidco when buying online. Why not generate some extra cash when you are spending some? Another way of saving is to get cashback out when paying in store for something and putting it away in a savings pot. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend this if a large amount of cash or if you are really struggling, it is also a quick way of saving up some money if in need of a quick fix.

Sell your unwanted things

An obvious choice but something people are reluctant to do. I have resisted selling some stuff ‘just in case’ but realised that this was not helpful to me or my savings account. Plus it left my house cluttered and left me feeling down as it just seemed to be everywhere. I’ve made almost £80 in the past few days which I will be placing in my savings account for a couple of months to gain some interest (as well as a little extra here and there when I can afford it) and then paying back my last remaining debts (that aren’t my credit card) to my dad and my friend. I hope to be debt free this year or even debt free apart from my credit card and will do whatever I can to achieve that.

There are plenty more ways in which people can save more and spend less in 2015. It is all about taking a step back and taking a long, hard look at your finances. Cut out any unnecessary spending, develop some side hustles and getting rid of spare change into a money pot can all lead to a bigger, better and bulging savings account come the end of the year.



  1. Mellissa Williams

    I love Quidco and Top Cashback and always use them when I can. I also sell things through Facebook groups and auction sites to make a little extra now and again.

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