Saving Money This Autumn

Autumn is a great time of year, but as the cold weather begins to hit and the festive season looms on the horizon it’s important to think of ways to save money in addition to making additional income.

The challenge with additional income is that most ways to achieve this goal end up taking considerable amounts of time, and presuming you already have a pretty busy life, finding the time to make extra money can be difficult.  

Therefore, rather than trying to cram more into your life to earn a few extra pounds it can sometimes be a better approach to save money in several ways, and in doing so, the money you could save could be put into a small investment fund which you invest in CMC Markets – with a view to generating a decent return on investment that outmatches what you could earn by getting an additional job or setting up a side hustle business.

Eric Muhr
In that vein, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save money this autumn:


The cost of energy is ever increasing and it’s therefore wise to look at ways of saving money on your energy bills.  There’s the obvious option of switching to a lower cost energy provider and insulating your home better in order to keep the heat your central heating system generates within your home, in your home, rather than seeping out the roof or through draughty windows and doors.

Then, there’s the option if alternative sources of energy such as solar power, which even in autumn and winter in this country can be effective as a secondary source of energy.  If you have an open fire, then it makes sense to gather as much wood as you can like a squirrel foraging for nuts – which can be dried out for the colder winter months.


Breakfast might not strike you as one of the most expensive meals of the day, but the cost of getting a coffee from Starbucks, for instance, can mount up – particularly if you add on a muffin or pot of bircher muesli.  

Making your own breakfast is much cheaper and a core component of living on a budget.

Indeed, many people that eat breakfast on the go find they spend close to £5 a day, particularly if they pick up their fuel at the train station, which amounts to £35 per week or £1,820 per year!  If you were to invest just £35 per week into a high interest savings account or a lucrative investment deal, over time, this would compound and create a small fortune.

Just think what your £1,820 would be worth today, if you had invested that in Bitcoin a few years back!


Summer tends to be the season where we socialise a lot in the sun, go away on holiday, and often end up spending a considerable amount of money in the process.  Autumn, on the other hand is a time when we can enjoy the great outdoors with beautiful walks and look forward to getting home, cuddling up with a good film and a nice warming bowl of soup – therefore, embrace this season as a time to be cosy and homely, thus saving on your social spending in the process.


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