Welcome to Keene On Saving!

Hi and welcome to Keene On Saving!

I’m Bex and I am a 20 something mum of one from the UK. I currently blog over at Futures which is a mixture of lifestyle, parenting and beauty. I decided to start Keene On Saving as I am an avid reader of other saving/money blogs and we have had our own troubles with money in recent months. I wanted to document our journey in getting out of debt and all about saving for our wedding and perhaps growing our family even more.

If you follow me on social media, you will see my surname is Smith so you may wonder why my blog is called Keene On Saving – is it a simple spelling error? The name was actually thought up by the lovely Sarah – whilst I may not be a Keene just yet, both my fiance and son do share the surname and I will do too – so why not use the name for a play on words?

Long story short, this blog is to document every step of our financial journey – from paying back debts to saving to self employment, it will all be here. I hope you will come along for the ride too!

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