Does meal planning work for you?

When it comes to saving money, I am pretty much game for anything. There are some that go that extra mile too far for me, however I will give most things a shot. One such thing that I keep seeing across the board is meal planning. Myself and Steve don’t meal plan as such, we often just see what is in the freezer or cupboards and try to make something out of it. However, this often leads us down the wrong path as we often find we are missing just one ingredient or that one ingredient should have been defrosted for 24 hours first…meaning we have to plan something else entirely or buy even more of said ingredient to use straight away – hardly moneysaving!

I have, however, decided to give proper meal planning a go. There are numerous threads about it on MSE and many bloggers post their meal plan for the week. Whilst Steve works odd shifts, I cannot guarantee that my meal plans will be Monday to Monday but I do plan on posting my meal plans once a week – the day won’t necessarily be consistent though.

We are going to properly start next week – Steve goes on nights on Friday night so I am cooking tea for just me and Jack for 4 or 5 days. We are also going food shopping with our £100 Tesco gift card on Thursday and grabbing plenty of stuff for the freezer and the cupboards – unfortunately, this does mean that I will be frantically pulling everything out tomorrow to see what is out of date or what we don’t need to pick up at the supermarket.

I’m keen to know if meal planning works for you. Tonight we are having pasta bake – a cheap option – and something that will fill us all up, plus leave some for Steve to take for lunch tomorrow. What is on your current meal plan for the week?


  1. I find meal planning is hard because Mick is so fussy, also with being Gluten Free it is difficult even if you do plan to ensure that you get all of the bits and bobs you might need, so adjustments always need to be made, leaving me with a pointless meal plan that looks nothing like my week.

    Hope you fair better than I do when I try!! Good luck!!

  2. YES! I find meal planning works so well! Not going to lie, I don’t always do it down to time, I need a good 30 mins to sit down, plan the 7 meals, the lunches etc and then write the list of what we need but when I do it, it really does cut our bill!!

    Doing this along with doing the shop online cuts it back even more! I can’t give you my meal plan this week as I haven’t done one but this blog has given me the drive to do one for our next shop to save some pennies!

  3. Meal planning does NOT work for me at all, I plan a week of meals, then on the night, NEVER want what i’ve planned, whatever that happens to be.

    I don’t know about your tesco but ours has recently introduced scanners (like waitrose) to keep track of what you’re spending as you go around! not used them yet but seems like a good idea for money saving as you can keep an eye on the running total rather than having a surprise at the check out!

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