5 Ways To Fund A Spontaneous Holiday

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Travelling spontaneously is exciting. What can make you feel more free and alive than hopping, last minute, on a train to the Scottish Highlands, or flight to New York, Prague, Paris or beyond? There is so much to see out there, so much to do, and just because this trip wasn’t booked months in advance, doesn’t mean it can’t still happen.

Consider some instant funding options

With Multi Month Loans you can get a quick loan, which provides borrowers, as the name suggests, with rapid funding. This is a great way to fund a spontaneous holiday and the process is super quick and easy; there’s no paperwork to be filled out and no lengthy questions; it can all be completed online with zero fuss. You will know almost instantaneously whether or not your application has been accepted, and once it has been, funding will be within your bank account in as little as fifteen minutes. This alternative funding option is incredibly convenient and a great way to quickly increase your holiday funds.  

Sell any unwanted possessions

Like the majority of us, you more than likely have a hoard of unwanted possessions kicking around in your house that could be someone else’s treasure. Put them up for sale on second hand websites, or hold a carboot sale, to generate some extra money to put towards your trip. Depop is a great site for selling off old clothes, and Ebay and even Facebook are great sites to sell a wider range of things on. If your items don’t sell on one site, try putting them up for sale on another.

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Look for bargains

Keep your eye out for last minute bargains. Booking.com and Trivago are great price comparison sites to use when you are searching for cheap accommodation. Airbnb also offers a wide range of brilliant, and sometimes super quirky, properties to stay in, often at really affordable prices. Opting for self-catering will of course save you a lot of money, whilst also making your holiday a much healthier one, and don’t overlook the option of camping. Camping is of course super affordable, and can be really great fun so long as the weather permits. Many campsites now offer the option for “glamping”, where luxurious tents are already set up for you when you arrive. Whilst this will be  more expensive than your typical camping experience, it can still be much cheaper than staying in a hotel or apartment. Also don’t overlook the option of a UK holiday. There are many incredibly beautiful places here in the UK, such as the Lake District, Cornwall and the stunning coastlines. By opting not to fly abroad, you will of course save yourself a few extra pennies.

Get a part time or summer job

If you already work a job this one will be irrelevant to you, but for those don’t, definitely consider getting yourself a part time or a summer job to earn yourself some extra cash to put towards your trip. Getting a job for just a short period of time can be difficult, as most employers are looking to hire people on longer-term contracts, but look around and see what you can find.

Cut back on other spending

Whilst it’s tempting to say yes when your friends ask you out for drinks, imagine having drinks in Rome instead, or on a beach in Spain.  If you want to be able to fund a spontaneous holiday, you should try to cut back on other spending to allow yourself to save as much money as you possibly can. This will be easier if you let your friends and family know that you are trying to save, as they’ll be much more understanding if you say no to potentially expensive invitations. There are probably lots of other ways you can cut back on spending too; for example, if you are a coffee drinker, make your own flask up at home instead of buying a cup whilst out on the go, or save on public transport costs by opting to walk instead. It might be tempting to go out shopping, but try to save the money you would have spent on that new shirt or dress and put it towards your instead: the studies (in this article) show that money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods. The memories of a holiday will last you forever, but a new dress can easily end up at a charity shop within just a few months.

Funding a spontaneous holiday is much more doable than most people think, and I’m a strong believer that you can always earn money back, but you can never earn back time. If you have the opportunity to see the world, or to spend time away with a loved one or friends, you should grab it with both hands.


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