5 UK Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now

I follow a lot of personal finance bloggers. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Until recently though, the majority of my PF reads were American or Canadian – nationalities that seem to have PF blogging down to a tee. I’ve recently discovered some fantastic personal finance bloggers from our very own shores though and wanted to give them a quick mention. If you like reading about money making, money saving or just anything money in general, you won’t be disappointed with this bunch! Also, much as I would love to include Emma in this list, I thought I would talk about some others for once as you already know how much I love her!

Can’t Swing A Cat

I was lucky enough to meet Jenni at the Show Me The Money bloggers event last Saturday and what can I say? She was absolutely lovely, great to talk to and her passion for personal finance really shone through. So much so that she won the best new blog award and I was so chuffed for her. Her blog is sleek and stylish and packed full of information about money saving intertwined with personal posts surrounding personal finance. A great read.

Saving Scotts

Rebecca’s blog (great name, by the way!) is probably my newest discovery and I adore it. She has some really handy posts about cutting costs when it comes to groceries, TV – you name it. She also has a whole section dedicated to printables which I absolutely love!

Cottage Retreatist

Natalya is another lady I was lucky to meet at the event last Saturday and yet again her passion shone through when she was talking to us about it. She talks candidly about her journey to debt freedom and I love the real mix of posts she has that always tie back into that personal finance theme.

Be Clever With Your Cash

I’ve mentioned the event I attended last Saturday quite a lot already within this post – and for good reason too. It was interesting, sociable and left me feeling really inspired. I talked at length with the organiser, Andy, about our visions for the future and he also happens to run this blog too. Talking about important money issues whilst bringing you fantastic deals, this site is a great resource.

Pennies In The Jar

First off, this blog is just beautiful. The layout is lovely and the images look how I wish mine looked. What I love about Sarah’s blog is that she talks about the websites she uses to make money whilst the next day is reviewing a budget brand. Keeping costs down but bringing more money in? What’s not to love? Take a look!

I’m going to be compiling a list of my top 5 US personal finance bloggers that you should be reading within the next few weeks. Are there any UK personal finance bloggers that you would add to my list?


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