Making Money From Blogging & Content Creation

There are so many people that think that making money blogging is impossible or somehow (inexplicably) taboo. However, given half the chance they would probably give it a go too – they just don’t know to. So many people try their hand at blogging and content creation thinking they will be making mega bucks straight away and that simply isn’t the case. You need a variety of different things to even start to see that money roll in and it can be a hard slog to get there.

Your Own Domain

There are so many blogging tips out there and one that is suggested but that isn’t a necessity is getting your own domain. It helps you to be taken more seriously. You can either buy a domain via Blogger or use self hosted WordPress. There are some other options but these are the most popular choices. The free itself has some strict rules about monetisation whereas self hosted WordPress (like this blog here) give a lot more freedom.

You can use Blogger without buying a domain but if  Domain Authority is important to you, you wouldn’t be able to give a genuine result as the results would be impacted by the Blogger score itself.  Having my own domain has definitely helped me secure more work.

You May Need To Spend Money To Make Money

If you truly want to turn your hobby into a business, then you need to pay out some cash. You may need to spend a little in the short term to benefit you in the long term. Making money blogging can be a long and arduous task so it is essential to make sure you have all the best tools to hand.

You Need To Put The Time In

Focus on creating content and making your site look the part, If you want to be making money blogging, you need to look the part and so does your blog. If you are running a parenting blog, make sure there is plenty of interesting and evergreen parenting content there for your readership. You need to ensure it looks professional, has great quality content and has your contact details easily accessible. Take the time to sign up for social media and get using them to drive traffic to your site.

Content Is King

The phrase ‘Content Is King’ does get bandied around quite a lot but it couldn’t be more true. If you are serious about making money blogging, you need to have quality content that people want to keep coming back to. The odd post every couple of months where people don’t know when to expect you or a badly written post with little to no research or (I hope you never do this) plagiarised posts are never going to earn you any money. You need to put the hard work in and make sure that you have something for people to come back for. Check out these content marketing tips for fantastic content creation.

Traffic Is The Key

There is plenty of monetisation which relies on your traffic. Adsense, affiliate links etc. These all need decent traffic and people clicking through on them to actually make you an income. You want to target the right places to get the traffic – got a wedding blog? Utilise wedding related hashtags on Twitter and wedding related promotional groups on Facebook. Find new and unique ways of advertising yourself and your site. If you have 50 people checking out your site once and not coming back due to no quality content, you can’t seriously expect them to want to click on your ads or affiliate links – they have no incentive to. Give them something they need and they’ll help you. A you scratch my back, I will scratch yours mentality.


Once your content is perfect and you have a decent amount of traffic making its way to your site, you may find people contacting you about sponsored posts or banner advertisements. These are definitely one of the best ways to make money blogging and can earn you quite a bit of money if you set your rates accordingly. Banner advertising generally advertises a company in your sidebar for a set amount of time, decided on by you or the company whereas sponsored posts are blog posts featuring a specific brand which stay on your site either for a set amount of time or forever. Some readers can get funny about sponsored posts – plenty of people write them like reviews but if you can make them snappy and interesting, often people won’t mind. Making them snappy and interesting is just what readers want.


I mentioned them briefly in a previous point but once you’ve got a steady flow of traffic, you can now add these in. Hopefully you will start to see a steady income grow from these. Make sure your Adsense adverts are placed where visitors can see them but where they aren’t too imposing that they will annoy your readers. Make sure your settings are set so relevant ads come up – you don’t want ads that don’t match your content.

With affiliates, only include ones relevant to your content. If I was writing a post about balancing blogging as a work from home mum, I may link to a blogging eBook. If writing about products on Amazon or Ebay, I would use my affiliate codes for those. Don’t just stuff affiliate links in because you can.

It can be fairly easy to make money blogging if you are prepared to put the time and effort in. If you follow the tips above, you could be well on your way. I’m finally making a decent amount from blogging and content creation – and you can too!


5 UK Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now

I follow a lot of personal finance bloggers. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Until recently though, the majority of my PF reads were American or Canadian – nationalities that seem to have PF blogging down to a tee. I’ve recently discovered some fantastic personal finance bloggers from our very own shores though and wanted to give them a quick mention. If you like reading about money making, money saving or just anything money in general, you won’t be disappointed with this bunch! Also, much as I would love to include Emma in this list, I thought I would talk about some others for once as you already know how much I love her!

Can’t Swing A Cat

I was lucky enough to meet Jenni at the Show Me The Money bloggers event last Saturday and what can I say? She was absolutely lovely, great to talk to and her passion for personal finance really shone through. So much so that she won the best new blog award and I was so chuffed for her. Her blog is sleek and stylish and packed full of information about money saving intertwined with personal posts surrounding personal finance. A great read.

Saving Scotts

Rebecca’s blog (great name, by the way!) is probably my newest discovery and I adore it. She has some really handy posts about cutting costs when it comes to groceries, TV – you name it. She also has a whole section dedicated to printables which I absolutely love!

Cottage Retreatist

Natalya is another lady I was lucky to meet at the event last Saturday and yet again her passion shone through when she was talking to us about it. She talks candidly about her journey to debt freedom and I love the real mix of posts she has that always tie back into that personal finance theme.

Be Clever With Your Cash

I’ve mentioned the event I attended last Saturday quite a lot already within this post – and for good reason too. It was interesting, sociable and left me feeling really inspired. I talked at length with the organiser, Andy, about our visions for the future and he also happens to run this blog too. Talking about important money issues whilst bringing you fantastic deals, this site is a great resource.

Pennies In The Jar

First off, this blog is just beautiful. The layout is lovely and the images look how I wish mine looked. What I love about Sarah’s blog is that she talks about the websites she uses to make money whilst the next day is reviewing a budget brand. Keeping costs down but bringing more money in? What’s not to love? Take a look!

I’m going to be compiling a list of my top 5 US personal finance bloggers that you should be reading within the next few weeks. Are there any UK personal finance bloggers that you would add to my list?

Personal Finance Blogs – Five That You Need To Read

Inspired by Nicola from The Frugal Cottage’s recent post, I thought I should share my five favourite personal finance blogs right now. Three are UK based and two are US based – I’m sure you will agree that they are all fantastic reads.

I’ve been a big fan of personal finance blogs for quite some time and read them eagerly long before I started Keene On Saving. One of the people on my list actually inspired me to start this blog and when I emailed her, was really encouraging.


five personal finance blogs you need to be reading |

1. Making Sense Of Cents

The person who inspired this blog and who is one of my favourite reads of all time, Michelle. Her income reports astound me every time she posts them and I really look up to her. As a freelancer, I could only dream of the income she brings in – but I am working on it!

2. EmmaDrew.Info

My partner in crime, Emma. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady! Her blog talks about a whole variety of ways to make money and she constantly amazes me with her motivation and the outcome.

3. The Frugal Cottage

Mentioned above, Nicola’s blog is a relatively new read of mine but a blog I also read eagerly every time a new post pops up. Nicola is currently attempting to save half of her income – I look forward to following her on her journey and to see how she does, it is a very inspiring step to take!

4. A Disease Called Debt

My last UK based personal finance blog comes from Hayley. Her blog contains a wealth of information and I have found her eBooks an immense help. Definitely worth a read!

5. Budget Blonde

Cat’s blog is one I have been reading for quite some time and it never fails to hook me in. I love reading about her life both before and after the twins and she is yet another inspiration to me.

What are your favourite personal finance blogs? I would love to find some new reading material!