The Benefits of Free Resume Writing Software

It can be a bothersome task to write your resume yourself. It can be so tedious that you may be tempted to just have a professional write it for you, or you may pay for some commercial software to do it. But you can make use of a good resume writing software for free.

So why should you use a program like this? Aside from the fact that it’s free, its use also offers a lot of benefits:

  1. It offers a step by step guide to beginners. Admit it—it can be an intimidating task to build a document on which your future employment relies so much. How do you start? What info do you need to put in?

With the right software, you’re offered assistance through every step of the process. You’re asked the right questions so that you know what info to put in. Your answers are immediately placed in their proper sections.

  1. It doesn’t take a lot of time. This is because every small task, such as preparing the sections and columns, indenting lines, and putting in spaces and bullet points have all been done for you. All these small tasks can take a lot of time, and you have more important things to do with your time.
  2. Your resumes look great. Every expert on resume writing emphasizes readability, while a resume should also stand out. These requirements aren’t always easy to balance, but a good resume program can do this with no problem.

The key is that they have templates already in place so you can just put in the necessary data. Most of the time, these templates have been selected for their success and popularity among hiring managers. They’re easy to scan and they look great.

With the templates in MS Word, you are limited to resume designs that everybody else is using. That won’t help your resume stand out.

  1. You can check how your resume looks on a monitor. Many hiring managers don’t bother to check resumes that have been printed out. They scan resumes on their computer monitors instead. So here you can check that your resume looks god on a computer monitor. A good program can even offer templates that have been selected on this basis.
  2. You can save your resume online. This is usually in PDF format. Not only is this format easy to read, but it’s not easily changed.
  3. There’s usually some password protection. This means you’re the only one who can make changes to your online resume. You don’t want some hacker sending out your resumes with false data, and they may even make use of your contact info.
  4. You’re also able to print it out. This allows you to send in a hard copy of your resume to local businesses. Often, the program chooses fonts that are readable for both monitors and on print, so you won’t have to worry about that.

In fact, most of your worries are taken care of when you use resume writing software. Even the price shouldn’t worry you, because it should be free.

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