Home Improvements On A Budget

Home improvements are something everyone gets to in their lifetime when they own their own house. We don’t own our own house just yet but this should hopefully be a different matter next year and we should hopefully have our own home by then. I’ve spoken plenty of times on my other blog about what we are looking for in a house of our very own. We are so keen to move as this house is just too small and we know exactly what we need.

But we have also been discussing home improvements we would make once we own our property. Most of the properties around here work for us size wise and have a brilliant sized garden but are lacking something we are keen to have – a conservatory.

I want a conservatory so the kids have somewhere to play, out of the way of me and not getting under my feet. I want to be able to use it to work during the day whilst they are at school or nursery. I want it to be absolutely perfect but I also know I want to do it on a budget.

I’ve been looking at these trade roof lanterns as they would be a subtle and stylish addition to a conservatory, bringing in light. They’re beautifully designed too. But how can I make sure I can have what I want on a budget? Research. I’ve been looking around and Direct Bifold Doors are definitely the best company for me when it comes to affordability.

We’re saving up the money for our deposit – although we know that may eventually be covered when Steve’s inheritance comes through – and we are trying to save up for the home improvements we want to do once we own a property. We may be saving the money but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get the best value for our money.

That’s just one home improvement we’d like to make though – there’s a few others we’d like to make that suit a budget too.

Consider the decor

The walls, the furniture, the homeware – all these can help make a house look better. Choosing the right colours and items can really do the difference.


Reuse items – recover an old sofa, use up other items making something else.

Buy Things Built To Last

Home appliances may be expensive at the outset however if you buy the appliances that are built to last, they will repay you over and over again. Buying the more prestigious brands and their latest appliances cause a dent in the bank balance to begin with but they are less likely to break down and need replacing like less reputable brands. It may not seem very budget friendly to start with but it definitely helps your budget out over the long run. Why wouldn’t you want to do it? Buy extremely cheap, buy twice – or even more!

Whilst this is all still a pipe dream at the moment until we buy our house, a girl can still dream whilst she waits for her life to fall into place, right?


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