Things I Am Reluctant To Spend On

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about things I don’t mind spending money on. There were a few things there that were joint things between me and Steve and I also wrote down a list of things I do mind spending on.

As well as not having posted for a while due to a backlog of work to catch up on, I also seem to have binned the aforementioned list. Hopefully I can remember some of the things on there!

  • Food & Drink – Obviously I need food and drink to survive. However, if there is a saving to be made then I will make that saving. I can often be found weighing up the pros and cons of an offer in the supermarket aisle. If I don’t have to spend full price on something, I won’t – whether they are on promotion or I have a free coupon.
  • Beauty products  – Unlike my skincare, I try not to spend too much money on makeup and bodycare. I will, of course, have the occasional splurge but I am reluctant to spend out unless it is something I really want. I have never paid full price for a MAC lipstick yet have a few in my collection – I have bought these from blog sales or won them in giveaways.
  • Clothes – A decent coat, pair of jeans, pair of shoes and a bra are the exceptions. However, I don’t see the point of paying out loads on a dress you will only wear once! The most expensive dress in my wardrobe was £39 and I have got plenty of wear out of it in the short time I have had it. If you give me the choice of one designer t shirt or 5 high street t shirts for the same price, you will find me scouring the rails at my local shopping mall. I understand that you pay for quality but I’d rather be able to do what I want in my cheap tees than constantly worry about ruining that £100 shirt with the slightest slip.
  • Travel Costs – Train and bus prices are extortionate nowadays and I dread having to fork out for either if I need to go somewhere. I don’t drive so if Steve isn’t around, I have to get either of these to my destination. The amount of profit these companies must turn over is massive!

There are plenty more things that I am reluctant to spend on including many entertainment items such as books and DVD’s too (unless I get a good price!).

What do you hate spending money on?

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  1. It’s shoes for me. I’m a girl missing the shoe excitement gene. I feel slightly annoyed if anything when I need to buy some new shoes and often wait until my shoes are falling apart before I replace them. They just seem to always cost more than I want to spend 🙂

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