Why Insurance Is So Important

Insurance is one of those things that the majority of us have but the majority of us also moan about paying. But insurance is SO important. Whether you are ensuring your life, your home, your car or your pet, insurance makes sure that you are covered for most eventualities.

We currently have life insurance, contents and car insurance. We’ve also been considering getting private medical and serious illness insurance too. I am currently the sole wage earner and with self employment being up and down as it is, if I was to get seriously ill and not be able to work then we would really be up the creek without a paddle. We’ve been looking at different providers such as Rigby Financial who offer a wide range of insurance products.

Luckily we have never had to claim on any of our insurance products but paying the monthly or annual sums is so worth the peace of mind to know that we are covered in case anything does happen. I want to make sure that my children will be well cared for and comfortable should anything happen to me, hence life insurance. I want to make sure that we are staying within the law and that if we were to be an accident, repairs would be covered, hence car insurance. Contents insurance is there to ensure that our possessions are covered for – with two kids around, accidents do happen and whilst certain possessions aren’t necessities to have, its nice to be able to replace them.

Christopher Harris

I don’t understand people who don’t have insurance – especially those who are breaking the law and endangering others by not having it! Wouldn’t you want to protect everything you love, everything you have, everything you own? I know I certainly do!

Obviously insurance comes with terms and conditions and clauses and you need to be exactly sure what you are covered for – there may be a substantial excess charge or that thing you thought was covered isn’t – and then where will you be? However, just because there is certain clauses that is by no means an excuse not to have insurance.

No matter my budget and how low my income may get at times due to the perils of self employment, I always make sure I have money in to cover my insurance products as I don’t want to be left high and dry should something horrible happen to myself, my home or my car.

Insurance is one of my most important bills and one I am more than happy to pay…is it yours?

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